Ash Island

Detective Sergeant Harry Belltree, back on the job after a near-fatal confrontation with corrupt colleagues, has become a departmental embarrassment. The solution is a posting away from Sydney and a quiet life in Newcastle.

Or maybe not so quiet. A body’s been found buried just offshore on Ash Island; there may be more. There’s also Harry’s unfinished business. The car crash that killed his parents and blinded his wife happened not far from Newcastle. And Harry knows it was no accident.

The other unfinished business is Jenny’s longed-for pregnancy. Which means that now the stakes are higher than ever.

Barry Maitland
Ned Kelly Year: 
Judges Report: 

The second book of the Belltree Trilogy finds Detective Sergeant Harry Belltree given a sidelined posting to Newcastle, where a biker gang is linked to bodies turning up on a nearby island. Tightly written, with journalist Kelly Pool also investigating the same story, Maitland really moves the narrative along. Connections from the first book, ‘Crucifixion Creek’, can be helpful to understand what is happening, but there is a lot that this story reveals - undertones of drugs, bikie gangs, police corruption, big money and mining are all here, and spin an exciting tale.

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