If Detective Frank Bennett tries hard enough, he can sometimes forget that Eden Archer, his partner in the Homicide Department, is also a moonlighting serial killer . . .

Thankfully their latest case is proving a good distraction. Someone is angry at Sydney's beautiful people – and the results are anything but pretty. On the rain-soaked running tracks of Sydney's parks, a predator is lurking, and it's not long before night-time jogs become a race to stay alive.

While Frank and Eden chase shadows, a different kind of danger grows closer to home. Frank's new girlfriend Imogen Stone is fascinated by cold cases, and her latest project – the disappearance of the two Tanner children more than twenty years ago – is leading her straight to Eden's door. 

And, as Frank knows all too well, asking too many questions about Eden Archer can get you buried as deep as her past …

Candice Fox
Ned Kelly Year: 
Judges Report: 

Ned Kelly Award Winners Hades and Eden are hard acts to follow, but this third instalment in the series manages just that. Dark, flawed characters are tempered by some beautiful passages of writing, and intriguing interwoven plots. The novel starts at full tilt and doesn't let up; Fox takes us to the knife-edge of credibility and somehow keeps the reader on the right side of it by sheer momentum. A very hard book to put down.

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