The Heat

Wyatt needs a job.

A bank job would be nice, or a security van hold-up. As long as he doesn’t have to work with cocky idiots and strung-out meth-heads like the Pepper brothers. That’s the sort of miscalculation that buys you the wrong kind of time.

So he contacts a man who in the past put him on the right kind of heist. And finds himself in Noosa, stealing a painting for Hannah Sten.

He knows how it’s done: case the premises, set up escape routes and failsafes, get in and get out with the goods unrecognised. Make a good plan; back it up with another. And be very, very careful.

But who is his client? Who else wants that painting?

Sometimes, being very careful is not enough.

Garry Disher
Ned Kelly Year: 
Judges Report: 

What unalloyed pleasure to spend a few more hours in the company of Disher's hard man Wyatt, best of the worst, at the top of his form. Disher's anti-hero with a moral compass was showing us how it's done long before Breaking Bad’s Mike Ehrmentraut was a glint in Vince Gilligan's eye. A few nice twists, a lot of suspense, a wry sense of humour and an inklng of humanity make this one of the year's most satisfying reads.

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