Before it Breaks

Detective Daniel Clement is back in Broome, licking his wounds from a busted marriage and struggling to be impressed by his new team of small-town cops. Here, in the oasis on the edge of the desert, life is as stagnant as Clement’s latest career move.

But when a body is discovered at a local fishing spot, it is clearly not the result of a crocodile attack. Somewhere in Broome is a hunter of a different kind.

As more bodies are found, Clement races to solve a decades-old mystery before a monster cyclone hits.

Dave Warner
Ned Kelly Year: 
Judges Report: 

The eighth novel from songwriter Warner nails the brief: well-drawn characters you could swear you've met somewhere already, and an intriguing plot with roots in other places and other times, studded with incidents that ought to be bizarre but which Warner renders believable. What really raises this book above the pack, though, is a stunning sense of location: a depiction of Broome and its environment so vivid that you can practically taste it. Or, on occasion, run from it.

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