Crook as Rookwood

Crook as Rookwood

Ned Kelly Year: 

‘Sydney noir meets John Grisham.’ Australian Bookseller and Publisher

In an inner suburb of Sydney, a pensioner is bashed in his own home. An old Labor Party stalwart loses the faith and goes looking for someone to blame.

And a young woman called Slick finds an unsettling connection between the death of her ex-husband and her new boss.

From sleazy Sydney backstreets to the new-money glamour of the Gold Coast, this is the world where politics and business meet, and where the consequences are far-reaching - and surprising.

Chris Nyst is one of Australia’s leading litigators and a specialist in criminal law and international extradition law. As well as writing legal thrillers, Chris has also written and co-produced film and TV shows.

Chris Nyst

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