Junkie Pilgrim

Junkie Pilgrim

Ned Kelly Year: 

‘An astonishing portrayal of criminality in the metropolis beautifully written.’ - Sydney Morning Herald

Chris Coates is a junkie, heavy drinker and criminal, trying hard to hold down the dockyards job he "inherited" from his dad, Jack. He had his first heroin hit "on a winter night" in 1975 and now it's the early 1980s. He tries - successfully, for a time - to kick his habit but is drawn back into its world.

Wayne Grogan was born in Sydney in 1953. He was a member of the Waterside Workers Federation for sixteen years and later won a Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for creative writing and was runner-up in the Henry Lawson Short Story Award. He lives with his wife and children in Sydney.

Wayne Grogan

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