The Love of a Bad Man

A schoolgirl catches the eye of the future leader of Nazi Germany. An aspiring playwright writes to a convicted serial killer, seeking inspiration. A pair of childhood sweethearts reunite to commit rape and murder. A devoted Mormon wife follows her husband into the wilderness after he declares himself a prophet.

The twelve stories in The Love of a Bad Man imagine the lives of real women, all of whom were the lovers, wives, or mistresses of various ‘bad’ men in history. Beautifully observed, fascinating, and at times horrifying, the stories interrogate power, the nature of obsession, and the lengths some women will go to for the men they love.

Laura Elizabeth Woollett
Ned Kelly Year: 
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Steeped in a love you would never want to experience, this is a darkly original collection of short stories. With terrific atmosphere and well-chosen prose, Woollett takes history’s real bad boys and twists their women into harrowing, fictional accounts of obsessive relationships. 

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