Pitcairn: Paradise Lost

Ned Kelly Year: 

Pitcairn Island, remote and wild, home to descendants of the Bounty, a South Pacific Shangri-la, shrouded in myth, but also a place of sinister secrets.

In 2000, police descended on the British colony to investigate disturbing reports of rape. What they discovered was a shocking trail of child abuse dating back generations. Scarcely a man was untainted by the allegations, and barely a girl had escaped. The ensuing trials would tear the tiny community of just 47 people apart, pitting neighbour against neighbour and reopening long-festering wounds.

Kathy Marks is the Asia-Pacific correspondent for the UK's INDEPENDENT newspaper, based in Sydney. She is a high-profile reporter with over twenty years' experience in journalism. Kathy describes the Pitcairn story as the most riveting assignment of her career.

Kathy Marks