The Kelly Gang - Outlaws of the Wombat Ranges

Courtesy of Dr Stuart Dawon, History Department, Monash University we've been given an opportunity to enjoy a downloadable transcript of G.W. Hall’s rare 1879 book, “The Kelly Gang, or, the Outlaws of the Wombat Ranges”.

There are only four known copies, and none have been scanned and made available online. As I needed an accurate text on hand for research purposes, I made one myself from the Victorian State Library copy.

Having triple checked it for accuracy, I am pleased to share it to facilitate historical research. As a PDF it can easily be searched for words, persons, and places.

It is free to circulate and redistribute, email to friends, put on websites for others to download, use as a teaching resource, and so on.

The only condition, as stated on the cover, is that it cannot be sold. It must always be free. I hope you enjoy this transcript of a rare document of immense historical value.



Is anyone else having problems downloading The Kelly Gang?

Hi Ray - I've changed the format of the link to see if it makes it easier to download.

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