Literary agent looking for submissions

Literary agent Steven Salpeter at Curtis Brown, Ltd. is looking for submissions from crime writers across many genres and is interested in working with authors on their debuts, or established authors or estates looking for representation in New York.

You can read more about him here or send him a query here

Curtis Brown, Ltd. employs some of the top literary agents in New York and is widely considered one of the best literary agencies for new writers.


I have self-published my debut novel ( and looking for representation.

do you have specific guidelines for submissions? i have read so many "rule", "recommendations", "laws" and the like, i ultimately have no clue. i have written 5 novels in the crime/espionage genre: After Thought, Blood Stains, Con Sent, Down Right and Every Body.
do you want a synopsis, (a) representative chapter(s), the whole work, or what?
sorry to ask such a basic question, but i have found it better to admit my ignorance and ask, rather than assuming i know and failing colossally

Hi All - glad to see interest in this approach. Please use the query link in the post though if you have any questions as that will go direct to Steven.

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