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Ian grew up in the coastal town of Larne, Northern Ireland. Leaving there at age 18, he went on to serve in the UK's Royal Air Force. A career spanning four decades and multiple conflicts saw him transition from aircraft technician to Intelligence Officer. On "retirement" he relocated, with his Australian wife, to the rural South West of Western Australia. Surrounded by a resident mob of kangaroos, he splits his time between corporate training, keynote speaker engagements and writing. He is currently working on the next novel in the Wright & Tran series of crime thrillers. Come see what's new at

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Ian Andrew is the lead consultant for The Book Reality Experience - a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and established to assist others in harnessing the technologies, formats and concepts of Publish-on-Demand.

Crime writer

sjbrown is the pen-name of Tasmanian author Stephen Brown. A semi-retired teacher of literature and sport he now devotes the greater part of his energies to the Detective Inspector Mahoney series. Having worked and travelled overseas he is now happily resident in a state (the place) enjoying a resurgence in reputation and is settled in a state (the condition) of exhausted contentment. His intention is to keep writing until he drops off the twig (hoping it's not too soon as he's only 52) because he knows it is something he feels inspired when doing and he hopes readers will enjoy his depiction of characters under pressure.

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As a Secondary Humanities teacher with 30 years experience, I am definitely qualified to present writing workshops in schools.

Also, I have strong credentials in the Public Speaking arena with my background in Rep Theatre, Media interviews, and appearnces as 'talent' in print and television commercials.



Anne Buist is the Chair of Women’s Mental Health at the University of Melbourne and has over 25 years clinical and research experience in perinatal psychiatry. She works with Protective Services and the legal system in cases of abuse, kidnapping, infanticide and murder. Medea’s Curse is her first mainstream psychological thriller, out January 28th 2015, with Text publishing.

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I am available for talks and panels related to my book and other crime/ thriller books, as well as talks and panels on true crime issues related to forensic psychiatry with respect to women.

I am happy to run workshops on "How to put the Thrill in Thriller": 2-4hour as required.

Karen Davis was a New South Wales police officer for twenty years, starting her career on the streets of Newtown, in the inner west of Sydney. She then moved on to work as a detective and undercover operative in a variety of sections, all of which specialised in the investigation of organised crime.

When Karen left the force nine years ago her mother (author of twelve novels, the late Lynne Wilding) encouraged her to write about her police experiences. Creating her own little book of memoirs uncovered a love of writing and a real life situation triggered the inspiration for her first novel.

Karen's first fictional crime novel 'SINISTER INTENT' was released in August 2013. This was followed by 'DEADLY OBSESSION' released in August 2014. 'FATAL MISTAKE' will be released in July 2017. All three novel's feature Detective Lexie Rogers and are set in Sydney.

John Hindmarsh writes science fiction and thrillers, sometimes with crossover. Well, you need a thrill in your SF and an occasional touch of science in your thrillers. John originates from Australia, and now lives in the High Sierra region of California where he is writing full time. He could be hiking, kayaking or skiing, when he's not writing.

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John's books generally are written with an American voice [well, he tries], although he prefers to write British English. So he gets mixed up - in any event, he claims aluminium is the correct word.

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Read the complete set of Mark Midway thrillers, From Mark One to Mark Four. Mark knows only one response when he, or those near him, are attacked - fight back. This is an excellent thriller series, mixing genetic engineering and high levels of technology. Once you start, you'll keep reading.

Mark One

Mark is genetically engineered. He has never managed to discover either his parents or his birthplace. He was 'sold' to a private laboratory, the LifeLong complex, when he was very young and grew to regard the two doctors who controlled the lab as his adoptive parents. A quasi-military team under rogue CIA control is sent to destroy the complex known as LifeLong. Mark reacts. He kills seven of the attackers. He then flees, trying to avoid the attention of his possible enemies.


Mark Two

Mark encounters Cerberus, a major genetic engineering venture, breeding super soldiers. Some have gone rogue. Mark is living in Boston using a false identity when he is witness to a kidnapping. He shoots and kills the kidnappers and saves their victim, an eighteen-year-old daughter of a billionaire. His life goes downhill from that point: he is attacked, kidnapped, and then held prisoner with a group of Cerberus children.


Mark Three

A young woman escapes from a luxury yacht while it is under attack by Chinese pirates. American law enforcement agencies collude and conspire to bring about the end of Cerberus. A military helicopter is brought down over Washington by a Russian missile; General Archimedes Schmidt is in a critical condition.


Meanwhile Mark meets his sister and travels to London where he rescues three genetically engineered children. He finds romance, but he and his companions are under attack in both the US and UK.


Mark Four.

Mark is back in the US, where police collude with a supposed FBI agent to kidnap him. Mark suffers - he is tied to a zinc autopsy table and tortured. A video of his suffering is sent to Cerberus and Mark's coded message is interpreted by a young lab technician. But is it a trap?

The ending holds more than one surprise.

All Mark wants is a normal life. One of these days, he hopes, he'll achieve his objective.


Share Mark’s terrors – read the series.

Mark's first novel is Amplify, a crime thriller set in the music industry. Its central character is music entrepreneur and former rock band manager Billy Lime. His second novel, a sequel, is Chain Reaction.

Born in the southern English town of Portsmouth, Mark spent his childhood in the Devonshire countryside playing cricket and rugby, watching "Top of the Pops" and cultivating a prolific knowledge of music trivia thanks to punk-era newspapers like the New Musical Express and Melody Maker.

He began his career as a 16-year-old cub reporter and teaboy at The Sidmouth Herald, went on to edit magazines before migrating to Australia after a working holiday took a permanent turn. He has held editorial and publishing roles in major media companies in Australia and the UK, and he spent two years as a journalist in Papua New Guinea. He’s currently CEO of the Australian newspaper industry body, The Newspaper Works.

Mark has also worked in major American companies Gartner Inc. and Dow Jones, launched a dotcom back in the day, is a keen student of psychology and devours crime novels and music biographies. He lives in Sydney with wife Kylie and youngest son Charlie.

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As the chief executive of The Newspapers Works - the newspaper industry association - Mark is an experienced public speaker specialising in the future of the media, media issues, journalism and copyright.

He also has extensive experience in content marketing, technology and the creative process. 

Andy Muir is a television screenwriter with credits ranging from Neighbours and Home and Away to comedy series Thank God You’re Here. As a member of the writing team for the hit franchise Underbelly, crime stole his heart. Nominated for an Australian Writers Guild Award for Underbelly Squizzy, he also adapted that TV series for the tie-in novelisation Underbelly Squizzy: The Story of Australia’s First Celebrity Gangster. Originally from Melbourne, he lives in Sydney. His debut crime fiction novel, Something for Nothing, introducing Lachie Munro, was released by Affirm Press.

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Available for public speaking

Carolyn served in Victoria Police for 30 years and has now retired and written a memoir of her years as a Policewoman in a man's world. The sexual discrimination, harassment, false accusations and character assassinations she endured just in an effort to do her job. Carolyn now speaks to groups on a full time basis.

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Carolyn now spends her time speaking to Community Groups, businesses and events about her book and her 30 years experience within Victoria Police and what she had to endure as a female in a man's world. Her talks have been described as heart wrenching, amazing, "she bought tears to my eyes", "what an amazingly strong and resilient woman", "I could listen to her speak all day".
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Born in Australia in November 1960, Michael Robotham grew up in small country towns that had more dogs than people and more flies than dogs. He escaped in 1979 and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney.

In 1993 he quit journalism to become a ghostwriter, collaborating with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and showbusiness personalities to write their autobiographies. Twelve of these non-fiction titles were bestsellers with combined sales of more than 2 million copies.

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Michael is available as an after-dinner and corporate speaker talking about his career as an investigative journalist, a ghostwriter to celebrities, psychologists, adventurers, politicans and decorated soldiers, as well as his life as one of Australia's leading crime writers. 

Sandi Wallace is an award-winning Australian crime writer and self-confessed crime fiction addict – she loves reading, writing, and watching it. Dead Again is her second rural crime thriller starring Georgie Harvey and John Franklin. It follows Sandi’s debut novel, Tell Me Why, winner of the 2015 Davitt Award Readers’ Choice and shortlisted for the 2015 Davitt Award Best Debut.

Sandi has also won prizes for her short crime fiction and is a contributing author of the anthology Writing the Dream. She is currently at work on the next instalment in her series, along with a standalone psychological thriller, and she lives in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne with her husband and furry family.

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Speaking engagements and writing workshops

To book Sandi for writing workshops or speaking engagements including conferences and schools please contact her via