Bleeding Hearts

'Kit O'Malley is smart-mouthed, sharp-witted and sexy.' Val McDermid.

Kit O’Malley, the ex-cop turned private investigator has to uncover who's behind threats to television presenter Rebecca Jones. But it seems everyone Kit meets has a problem they want her to solve. The crimes tangle into a complicated catalogue of evil that includes money laundering, tawdry sex, political power games, love unrequited and murder.

Broken Lives

Estelle Blackburn is a Perth journalist who spent six years researching and writing ‘Broken Lives’, which tells the story of John Button and Darryl Beamish, who were both convicted for murders that were later proved to be committed by Eric Cooke the last man hanged in Western Australia.

Last Drinks

It's a decade since the infamous Inquiry into corruption tore the state of Queensland apart. But for George Verney, disgraced journalist and bit-player in the great scandals of his day, the Inquiry has never quite finished. After ten years of self-imposed exile, drawn by the terrible death of a man who was his friend, he reluctantly returns to Brisbane, the city of his downfall.

The Second Coming: The Passion of Joe Panther

In this sequel to the award winning The Last Days Joe Panther returns, as psychotic, alcoholic, violent and substance-abusing as ever. And he still believes he’s the son of God.

Andrew Masterson is an Australian author of crime fiction, horror and non-fiction. Masterson emigrated from the UK to Australia in 1968. He has worked as a journalist since 1984 in a number of countries, including Australia, Great Britain, Germany and U.S.A.

Dead Point

Jack Irish – lawyer, gambler, finder of people who don't want to be found – is hunting down the villains who hijacked the winnings from his latest betting coup when he is hired by a mystery client to find missing barman Robbie Colburne. But Robbie turns up dead of a drug overdose. As Jack explores the young man's past, he finds himself drawn into a deadly network of power, politics and money. In this world nothing can be taken at face value and everyone is expendable.