Killing Juanita

On 4 July 1975, Juanita Nielsen, a wealthy heiress, Sydney newspaper publisher and anti-development campaigner left an appointment at a Kings Cross nightclub and simply disappeared. For a quarter of a century, the Juanita Nielsen case has remained one of Australia's great unsolved mysteries.

Junkie Pilgrim

‘An astonishing portrayal of criminality in the metropolis beautifully written.’ - Sydney Morning Herald

Chris Coates is a junkie, heavy drinker and criminal, trying hard to hold down the dockyards job he "inherited" from his dad, Jack. He had his first heroin hit "on a winter night" in 1975 and now it's the early 1980s. He tries - successfully, for a time - to kick his habit but is drawn back into its world.

The Walker

Detective Briony Williams is a rookie appointed to an all-male team investigating a bizarre murder at the Anatomy School of Gresham College in Bloomsbury. The team investigates a killer obsessed with following in the bloody footprint of Jack the Ripper. A practiced anatomist with a theatrical streak, he arranges his victims' bodies in cruel parodies of famous satirical engravings by Hogarth, in particular The Reward of Cruelty.