The Long Con

Hobart: the scene of the crime, the con and the cover-up

Frank Cousins is a knockabout bloke; an ex-Queensland cop turned private eye who – it has to be said – is his own worst enemy.

Owner and sole employee of the Tasmanian Private Investigation Agency in Hobart, Frank takes on three simple cases and soon find himself up to his neck in bad guys, bad situations and, as usual, bad behaviour.

Evil Life

The Calabrian Mafia in Australia is alive and well. This is the first time its real story in this country has ever been told.

The Calabrian mafia is Australia's oldest, largest and most ruthless crime syndicate, trafficking drugs worth billions of dollars and laundering the proceeds through sophisticated international networks.

Black Widow

Fast-paced and surprising, this story of Australia's first female serial killer is as exciting as it is thought-provoking.

'Never before in the hundred year history of Australia has a female prisoner become so notorious as Louisa Collins.' - Evening News

Unsolved Australia

Australia's most baffling homicides and mysterious missing persons' cases are uniquely explored in this stunning true-crime book in which you the reader are invited to play armchair detective.

Featuring 18 infamous cases, Unsolved Australia unearths a host of jaw-dropping new evidence via in-depth interviews with police, families and criminals. Along the way you'll meet the 'Unsolved Squad' - the humble heroes and dedicated experts involved in collecting and connecting clues.

Gambling for Love

John Killick made Australian headlines in February 1966 when he became Australia's first Decimal currency bankrobber. In March 1999 he made world headlines when he became Australia's first prisoner to escape in a helicopter. Gambling For Love is a warts and all account of how a law abiding youth became a gambler, then a petty criminal and eventually a prolific bankrobber who was on top of Australia's Most Wanted list as well as being wanted by Interpol and Chicago police.