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“Writers in this office used to drink,” a grizzled veteran of these corridors once said sternly to a couple of pup reporters, whom he had discovered taking turns trying on a good-looking cashmere jacket in another cubicle.
Check out Writers Victoria for the range of summer school sessions
The Emerging Writers’ Festival prides itself on being inclusive to everyone in the writing community, of all ages and at all stages of their career. In this spirit, each year we run an open artist call out as an opportunity for writers to put up their hands and let us know they’d like to be involved in the festival. And it’s that time already for the 2014 festival!
So how do you get your novel to climb 97,000 Amazon places in a single morning?
And so, as the dark prophecies foretold, that when the white crow flies atop the tower of Babel, and the blood of the ancients’ boils in the Salton Sea, that there will be no room left in hell, and it will spit forth the fifteenth issue of the award-winning noir journal, Crime Factory.
Final Round of Voting now up - let's get in there and support our wonderful local crime writers!
The Ned Kelly Awards have been synonymous with Australia’s finest crime writing for almost twenty years and the ACWA is calling for submissions again. The categories are: BEST CRIME NOVEL, BEST TRUE CRIME and BEST DEBUT CRIME FICTION.
In the 1990s, Kill City bookstore was the place to be if you were interested in crime fiction - and sometimes crime. Its clientele included Melbourne underworld figures, who would show up to buy true crime titles and complain about their treatment in the latest release.
Does anybody have contact details for William Leonard Marshall (author of the Yellowstreet novels set in Hong Kong) and W. Glenn Duncan (author of the Rafferty novels set in Texas).
Booktopia's books of the year posting, including Australian Crime Writers.
Amazon has announced its bestselling books of the year, with Dan Brown's Inferno topping off the list.
The announcement of a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has been made.
Fiona Hardy talks Crime Book Covers over at Readings
From The Rap Sheet - funny / sad / funny / groan
Interesting article in the Spectator from P.D. James "Remembering the gentlemanly world of Lord Peter Wimsey and Albert Campion"
The Nakata Brophy Short Fiction and Poetry Prize for Young Indigenous Writers has been announced
Thanks to everybody who participated in our Membership Competitions - we are now really happy to announce the winners.
Candice Graham, a provisional Sydney clinical neuropsychologist, has won the HarperCollins First Prize ($1500) in Sisters in Crime Australia’s 20th Scarlet Stiletto Awards. Her short story, “The Bunyip’s Last Wish”, is set in a small town with a murdered ‘bunyip’, restless children and dangerous games of wish fulfilment.
Your chance to check out the competition entries and vote for your favourites.
Just received - for any of our Crime Writer members who have an interest in Ned Kelly... but more direct from Caroline below!