An Artifact Of Interest

Publication Date: 
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Is an Aboriginal artwork that could turn accepted theory on when the first people came to Australian on its head, worth killing for? Someone on the remote Kimberley cattle station thinks so. When the body of a female anthropologist is found, the question is asked, who is responsible? Is it an overseas anthropologist who wants to claim the discovery for his own, a jilted former lover, or the traditional owners of the land? Jackaroo Roger Urquhart finds romance and mystery in his search for the answer.

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers competed in twenty-one Rottnest Channel races, a twenty kilometre open ocean swim, which he says gave him plenty of time to reflect on his life experiences. He graduated from Agricultural College in Western Australia before embarking on his diverse career, which has included stints as a jackaroo, farmer, broadcaster, shearer, retailer, journalist, teacher/technician, TV presenter and artificial inseminator (just to keep his hand in!). He then started a video production company, which he ran for over thirty years. His video work concentrated on mining and resources documentaries, which he wrote, directed and often filmed. This work has taken him to remote locations throughout Australia, South East Asia and Africa. All the while he has been writing; bush poetry, short stories, scripts and crime fiction, drawing on his experiences. He is now settled in Fremantle WA and incorporating his colourful life into adult murder/mysteries. Steve is married and has a daughter and two grandsons.

He has retired from ocean swimming and artificial insemination.