The Assyrian Contraband

Publication Date: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017

Simon Ashcroft faces death at the hands of terrorists in the shark-infested oceans of Africa. 

In this thrilling prequel to The Benevolent Deception, a young woman vanishes quietly from the busy streets of Durban, South Africa. Her body cannot be found and no suspects are identified by local police. She soon becomes just another nameless victim of the daily murder crimes plaguing South Africa.

A grief stricken week later, her devastated father receives a mysterious phone call, offering hope that his daughter lives. She’s a hostage on the island nation of Comoros and the caller demands a vast sum of money in exchange for her.

Discretely engaged by the father, Simon Ashcroft, a former intelligence officer turned security expert, soon discovers the rescue mission he is leading is anything but straightforward. Confronting an army of murderous thugs and a bloody trail of bodies, Simon quickly realizes there is more to this mystery than a simple kidnapping. 

Coming head to head with the ruthless financier of a global terrorist organization, a man who will destroy anyone threatening the illicit cash pipeline that funds the world’s cruelest and most barbaric ideology, Simon prepares to do battle with the, so called, Islamic State. 

Aiden L Bailey

Aiden L Bailey was born in Sydney, and has a degree in civil engineering from the University of Melbourne. Aiden lives with his wife and daughter in Adelaide, South Australia. The Benevolent Deception is his first novel. He is currently writing the sequel, The Benevolent Conflict.