Class Act

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Can a man who’s lived a life of crime ever escape his past? The world’s most reluctant private investigator is about to find out...

Former bad boy turned local hero, Bill Murdoch, should be happy with his little piece of paradise. After all, he’s got the fancy car and the big house by the beach. The only trouble is he’s slowly suffocating in small town life.

So when Murdoch is hired to investigate who framed wealthy businessman, James Harte, for murder, he jumps at the chance. Going undercover amongst the jet set, Murdoch is quickly drawn into an exciting world of yachts, horse racing and glitzy parties. But soon Murdoch’s shady past looks set to catch up with him and when he falls for Harte’s beautiful wife, Amanda, things take a deadly turn…

CLASS ACT is the gripping new murder mystery from Ged Gillmore. A perfect piece of modern Australian noir, it will grab you and keep you guessing until the very last line.

CLASS ACT is the second book in the Bill Murdoch Mystery series. It is perfect for fans of Peter Temple, Jane Harper, Scott Pratt, Garry Disher, and Peter Corris.

Bad-boy-turned-local-hero, Bill Murdoch, returns for more Aussie noir adventures in BASE NATURE (Coming March 2018).

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Ged Gillmore

Ged Gillmore grew up in the Midlands of England before moving to London where he completed degrees in languages and literature at the University of London. After graduating, Ged worked in France, Germany and Italy before returning to London for eighteen years where he gained experience in a variety of roles including the police service, the film industry and banking. Fancying a change to sunnier climes, Ged made the leap to Sydney in early 2004. These days he spends his time between Australia, Ireland and the UK.

When he's not falling off his surfboard at Bondi or dabbling with a day job which pays the bills he sits at his laptop and bashes out fiction. Ged admits he is a nightmare to market as he writes both contemporary noir mysteries as well as middle-grade humour.

In October 2017, Ged launched Headland - the first book in the new 'Bill Murdoch Mystery' series. Headland follows the adventures of Bill Murdoch, a lovable English rogue struggling to leave his criminal tendencies behind as he tries to adapt to a new life in Australia as the "world's most reluctant private investigator". Murdoch returns to solve more Aussie noir mysteries in the sequels Class Act (January 2018), and Base Nature (March 2018).

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