The Coterie

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Chapman Bouttell, a South Australian homicide detective, is summoned to the scene of an apparently motiveless murder in a suburban Adelaide park and ultimately recognises the victim as a member of an off-the-books covert action unit to which Bouttell was assigned during the Vietnam War.

His Investigation leads to the discovery of the murders of three of the four survivors of his unit's final mission before leaving Vietnam and, drawn back to those chaotic days, Bouttell is soon fleeing agents of "The Coterie," a rogue, joint CIA/ASIO intelligence organisation.


Gary S Gregor

A Vietnam Veteran & retired Northern Territory police officer, Gary lives in the small, rural community of his birth where he now embraces his love of writing. With his wife, Lesley, he caravans north each winter travelling extensively enjoying the warmer northern climates and researching locations etc. for his next crime novel. His experiences in both the military and the police force bring a certain credibility to both his characters and his story lines.