Crime Scene Asia : when forensic evidence becomes the silent witness

Publication Date: 
Monday, January 1, 2018

Crime Scene Asia : when forensic evidence becomes the silent witness contains 16 cases from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong , and one from Sydney, in which a Singaporean spent eight years in jail for a murder before being acquitted and freed because of forensic evidence - and some terrific work by Sydney barrister David Dalton SC.

The book’s cases include:

  • A Malaysian murder that police were certain that the victim’s married boyfriend had committed. But the DNA found at the scene appeared to tell a different story
  •  A tragic fire in a Manila orphanage, after which its child victims had initially been buried without being identified. A team of scientists then used a whole palette of forensic techniques to identify the children.
  • A Singapore case in which police had only one clue to the identity of a woman found dead in a park: the serial numbers of the implants in her teeth.

Liz Porter

Liz Porter is best known for her prize-winning books about “the real CSI”. Her latest book is Crime Scene Asia: when forensic evidence becomes the silent witness. She is also the author of Written on the Skin: an Australian forensic casebook, joint winner of the 2007 Ned Kelly award for the best true crime book and Cold Case Files, winner of Sisters in Crime’s 2012 Davitt award for best true crime book