Crystal Street

Publication Date: 
Friday, July 7, 2017

"Fuck God, fuck him. You can't let him decide."

Everything you have, everything you want, everything you dream of - it can turn to smoke in the air while you're still waiting for the hit. In the pipe's grey haze, two men with nothing to lose make a pact to change the odds. But you can't change the odds without raising the stakes. And in the final play of the game they'll each face the cruellest truth of life on Crystal Street: What's really worth living for might be what you die for.

Jeremy Aitken

Jeremy Aitken is a Vogel short listed author. His literary aesthetic is shaped by the spare and uncompromising language economy of Hemingway and McCarthy and the street-level cinematography of the French New Wave and Italian realist movies of the sixties. Aitken’s writing refuses to turn a blind eye to the darkness of the human experience and seeks to express the briefest moments of illumination that arise from the shadows.