The Dirty Little Dog

Publication Date: 
Saturday, October 1, 2016

When media mogul Wardell Costello’s son Julian disappears, it could be Julian’s just cheating on his beautiful model wife. Except the Premier is on the phone to Wardell, and she knows more than Wardell likes about his family’s secrets. Too dangerous in the dog-eat-dog political world of Sydney, where the Costellos are used to getting their way. Wardell Costello and the Premier are no longer the best of friends … the Premier’s Office is looking to rub the Costello name in mud.

So Wardell calls in his old enemy, journalist Jack Rutherford, for help. “Find my son”, he demands. Jack doesn’t like the demand, but he’ll take the money to help release his partner’s parents from the clutches of the Public Guardian. His partner, Detective-Sergeant Terry Bradley, is already on the case. So far, there’s a dead body in Julian’s luxurious inner-city playpad, and another body washed up in Iron Cove.

Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher is the author of numerous books and academic works. He teaches at the University of New England.