Game of Killers

Publication Date: 
Thursday, July 13, 2017

The perfect assassin’s tool has been stolen from America’s high-tech labs. Only Tier 1 soldier the Spartan can prevent it from killing the US President.

It was one word.


A name.


A call sign.


A blood oath.


A way of life.


And America’s only hope.


Millions died in the United States when a weaponized plague was unleashed upon the world.

Now a new menace threatens the country just as it begins to recover.

The perfect assassin’s tool has been stolen from America’s high-tech labs.

No one is safe … not even the President.

And in the hands of the assassins’s leader is a legendary lost sword: the Honjo Masamune.

Now Tier 1 soldier the Spartan and his ex-Mexican policewoman partner Teresa Vasquez must save the President from being murdered by a bold new enemy – one that seems to be constantly ahead of them every step of the way.

If the President is killed, America will be brought to its knees and the world plunged into war.

Plus the ghosts of the past have come to haunt the Spartan: Mexican cartels out for blood, elite operatives chasing revenge and a scarred US General looking to end their deadly grudge match forever.

Can the Spartan and Vasquez defeat their enemies and save America itself?

Charles Purcell

Born and raised in Sydney, Charles Purcell is a journalist with 20 years of experience in newspapers and magazines, most recently working for the Sydney Morning Herald as an entertainment writer. He has a deep interest in military history—particularly that of ancient Greece—and is a lover of pop culture, DVD box sets, quality literature, viral cat videos and anything featuring that peculiar breed of warriors known as the Spartans.