Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Once again Australian Police Detectives Jim Murnaghan and 'Birny' Rayner have to battle with a gang of hardened evil criminals who are led by a Satanist. The action takes place mainly around Canberra. Australia's Capital City, and features many of its main buildings, Parliament House, the Prime Ministers Lodge, the Australian Mint, the National Gallery, and the National Library. Gunfights abound around these monuments and the detectives are hard put to cope with the weapons expertise of the Russian criminal gang, while they are desperately searching to uncover the plot that has been hatched to damage Australia permanently..


Terence Charles

Retired from the Police Force and now living in Sydney Australia, Terence Charles served in both English and Australian Police Forces, gaining long experience in various Police Departments. These experiences included being a beat 'Bobby', a Police Dog Handler, a sharpshooter (police sniper) as a member of a Special Operations Group, and as a part of a Detective Team investigating everything from missing persons, woundings, break and enters and burglaries, paedophiles, to murders.