Ice Hunters

Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 8, 2017

Imagine embarking on a peaceful solo fly-fishing trip to New Zealand’s beautiful, remote and icy Southern Alps only to witness a brutal murder along the banks of the very river you were fishing.

This is the harrowing predicament Ryan finds himself in after his first day alone in the wild. Frightened that the murderers will find and kill him, Ryan strikes out into the vast and unforgiving wilderness to avoid them, desperately hoping that he will not be followed.

Meanwhile, Auckland detectives Sean Ford and Patuki Robson are investigating a series of deaths related to the drug ice (crystal meth). Their investigation leads them to the same isolated, mountainous area where Ryan, now exhausted and near starvation, is trying to survive. Even if the drug dealers don’t kill Ryan, it seems likely that the elements will.

Ice Hunters is a fast-paced and multifaceted survival thriller that pits one man against nature and his fellow humans. Buried within the suspenseful novel is a must-read powerful message to anyone considering using drugs or being involved in the illicit drug trade. Courage, innocence and perseverance clash against pure evil and ruthlessness in this gripping story.

Neil Roberts

Neil Roberts grew up in a working-class suburb of Melbourne, Australia. He served in the Royal Australian Navy for twenty years and spent ten years within a law enforcement agency. His work took him overseas, where he analysed his agency's activities and performance in combating particular crime types and the management of associated risks.

Now retired, Neil lives in Canberra. He enjoys fishing, camping, four wheel driving and assisting indigenous communities. He has been married for thirty years.