The Only GOOD Terrorist...

Publication Date: 
Saturday, October 29, 2016

Detective Inspectors Murnaghan and Rayner of the Special Crime & Terrorist Threat Network branch of the Australian Federal Police are sent to England to investigate a series of paranormal events which are becoming more prevalent and vicious. Their task is thought to be a light one they can use to recuperate from their last caseĀ (The Hunt for the Southern Cross Slayer). However, they find in England not only do they have to deal with the dangers of psychic phenomena but they are also under attack with bombs, guns, and suicide bombers who are aided by a satanist!

Terence Charles

Retired from the Police and living in Sydney Terence Charles served with both an English and an Australian Police Force. Experienced with many branches of Police work, Dog Handler/Trainer, Sharpshooter/Sniper, and Detective he now writes the fictional 'ThiefTaker' series of novels about Australian Detectives