The Petticoat Gang

Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 29, 2017

They’re young, they’re beautiful, and they’re deadly! Best friends, Amber, Ebony, and Anna are on a mission to leave a past littered with tragedy behind them. With a determination spurred by the promise of a future free of financial hardship, they travel to Alice Springs, in the heart of the Australian continent, to rob banks and kill their way to a better life. Their plan is bold, daring, and meticulously executed; what could go wrong?

The body count is rising fast, and Major Crime investigators Russell Foley and Sam Rose, assisted by Rose’s girlfriend, Sergeant Sarah Collins, are assigned to the case. Pursuing three desperate, determined women north; first on the famous Ghan passenger train packed with tourists and heading to Darwin, and then across rough, isolated, outback roads, was never going to be easy.

Foley and Rose find themselves in a frantic chase to catch the killers and save more lives, including their own, before more innocent people become victims of the Petticoat Gang.


Gary S Gregor

Gary is a Vietnam veteran retired Northern Territory police officer. He lives in the rural South Australian town of his birth with his wife, Lesley and they love to travel Australia for two/three months every year in their caravan. Gary writes every day and finds inspiration in the amazing, wide open spaces Australia has to offer.