Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 9, 2017

On the worst day of his life, when everything that could go wrong did, Mark turns to new private investigators Dillon and Jayne Bradley to find his missing wife, and fully restored, and very rare muscle car, which the repossession company say they never received. The police won't help, until Dillon finds blood in the garage, and they find her body crammed into the boot of her car and dumped in a city park. Mark becomes thier prime and only suspect and is arrested for her murder, yet Dillon and Jayne believe in his innocence.

Together they enter a dangerous world of corrupt police and an underworld protected illegal high stakes Texas Hold'em Poker game to find the murderer, and free Mark.

Stephen B King

Stephen B King lives in Perth, and is the author of four thrillers: Forever Night, Domin8, The Vigilante Taxi and Burial Ground. Repo is book number five. Fiercely West Australian all his stories are set in his home town.