The Swan Island Connection

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The murder of a 10-year-old boy, strangled with the lead of his dog, shocks the quiet coastal town of Victoria’s Queenscliff to its core.

Bobby lay curled like a seahorse, like a puppy… red marks round his throat… facing Swan Island.

The local senior constable, Chris Blackie and his deputy Anthea Merritt, expect the murder investigation to be handled by Geelong-baseddetectives from the Criminal Investigation Unit. But they’re blind-sided by the interest personnel from the secret military training base on Swan Island take in the case, strongly suspecting that the Detective Inspector may be taking direction from them.

Consigned to the edges of the investigation and fearing an imminent wrongful conviction, Chris and Anthea defy their superiors to follow their own lines of enquiry — at great personal risk.

Dorothy Johnston

Dorothy Johnston is an Australian author of both crime and literary fiction. She has published novels, short stories and essays.

Born in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, Johnston trained as a teacher at the University of Melbourne and later worked as a researcher in the education field. She is a former President of Canberra PEN and a founding member of the Seven Writers' Group.