A Tropical Cure

Publication Date: 
Friday, January 5, 2018

Townsville in February, hot and steamy... A taxi driver has disappeared, his burnt-out cab found in a desolate area. Two bodies are discovered within weeks of each other. One in a creek near the dumped taxi, ... it's not the cabdriver. Another, elsewhere on a muddy river bank, belonging to a bank manager, drug dealer, Simon Rowe a former high-school friend of Darren Mangan. A dodgy mortage deal concocted by Simon Rowe, involving the laundering of a kilo of high-grade cocaine, puts Darren in the sights of a Melbourne crime syndicate. Darren's nemesis, Eddie the former leader of the Devil's Sinners MC, has turned up unexpectedly. The chase is on...but who is chasing who?


John Hollenkamp

John Hollenkamp is an Australian writer of fictional action-thrillers. His writing is crisp, with short, sharp chapters to keep you turning pages, as the author introduces you to an array of colourful characters, including Darren Mangan, a dry-witted taxi-driver from North Queensland. Darren's moral standards may not always put him on the right side of the law, but in terms of mateship and loyalty, his sense of justice is unrivalled. And he's not too bad in a scrap either! A TROPICAL CURE is the second novel in the Darren Mangan Thriller Series. The first book is called STEALTH. John Hollenkamp brings a new, fresh approach to Aussie fiction writing.